Best Tips to Easily Increase Shopify Conversion Rates


You spend months on our website to put all the information together to go live. You invest your money and time both on your eCommerce website to attract visitors in a hope to increase the conversion rate.

But the conversion rate increases?

No, because most of the website owners lean towards improving their checkout page or on the tuning what happens after a product is added into the cart but customer won’t add the product in the cart until you have a solid product page that converts.

A product page is to explain to customers how good the product is to fulfill your expectation before a customer makes a buying decision. Beautiful pictures of the product along with well-written descriptions are very crucial.

To help you make a very attractive website that can increase the conversion, we’re going to share 5 simple ways to help conversions on your product.

Display Product Videos:

display product videos

The biggest difference between online shopping and local shopping that we cannot touch or physically examine the product that we are planning to buy in case of online shopping while in case of local shopping, we are free to touch and review the size of the product that we are supposed to buy.

In order to enhance the user experience or conversion, upload a pretty well-shot video of the product that demonstrates the complete product, which can help potential buyers to make those missing connections.

We recommend making short and healthy videos of the products with or without audio that represents the product better than images.

Use High-Quality Images:

Use High Quality Images

To increase your website’s conversion rate by using high-quality images along with human faces in the images. Such images generate interest to your prospects to focus more on the product and this causes them to draw towards a common point of interest.

Making this relevant & small change can lead to increase the conversion rate to a new level.

Let Customer leave the Reviews:

Let Customer to leave Reviews

Reviews can definitely help your first-time buyers when they land on your website and likes your product very much. But, there may be 2 questions which might stop them to complete the order cycle. 1. “Is the website trustworthy?” and 2. “Is the product quality same as they promise?”.

Now, simply let your customer leave the reviews on your product pages reduces the fear factor. When a prospects land on your product page, he/she can read the reviews that other customers have left about the product, quality, delivery, and services. When they see the reviews on your website that says that your prospect knows that you have nothing to hide.

Money Back Guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee

Have you updated your return policy? Do you also have the customer satisfaction policy?

If not yet, we recommend you to start writing your return/money back policy and proudly showcase them on your product page. If you are providing a satisfaction guarantee to your customers, we recommend to show it. It is always better to put yourself at risk and provide your prospects with a confidence in your products. This way, your prospects will trust your website & products and in the result, an enhanced conversion rate.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

Multiple Payment Gateways

If your website depends on 1 payment system i.e. credit card, it may be a bad news for you.

Fortunately, people landed on your website and they tried their best to complete order cycle by using their cash, but your website didn’t allow them to complete it.

It is highly recommended to use multiple payment gateways so your potential buyers can make the payment with ease and comfort.


Making these relevant changes to your product page during the PSD to Shopify Conversion, you will see a sky high changes in the conversion rate of your Shopify eCommerce website.

By Harry S  |

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