Why Shopify is So Popular for Online eCommerce Store?

PSD to Shopify Conversion

No one can deny the fact that Shopify is very popular among startups and small size businesses. PSD to  Shopify Conversion has grown in a very short span of time and became the leading hosted eCommerce system. As per build with, 600K+ businesses are running their online shop on Shopify. Though, it is not an easy accomplishment, especially when you’re getting a tough competition from other eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Opencart, and Magento.

There are many things behind the success of Shopify and we have figured the most 5 out of them that makes it popular for your PSD to Shopify Conversion to choose an online eCommerce store:

  • Create an Attractive Store:

Create an Attractive Store

It is key to success that an eCommerce website must look eye-catching. Since the consumer is not walking into your physical store, thus, your virtual store is your representative to showcase to your consumers to earn their favor. Shopify does not provide you a beautiful and responsive layout only but you can also choose from hundreds of pre-designed themes. Later you can customize the theme to achieve your desired look. Shopify is also powered with App Store allowing you to make your store more productive.

  • Web hosting is included in the Package:

Web hosting is included in the Package

Being a startup, you don’t want to get in a situation where you need to choose the best hosting partner for your eCommerce store. Hence, Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform so it comes with a very good hosting server. Shopify’s servers are properly maintained and quite fast that gives your website phenomenon web browsing speed.

  • Wide Range of Payment Gateways:

Wide Range of Payment Gateways

Shopify gives you an edge to select the best payment gateway as it supports all major payment gateways. The best payment gateway for your business may vary, depending on the geographical region of your business is established in. We would suggest checking out all local payment gateways that support your currencies. You can also get any third party Payment gateway implemented with the help of a Professional Shopify Developer.

  • Built-in Marketing Tools:

Built-in Marketing Tools

The marketing of products can be way much expensive nowadays. Shopify can reduce your marketing expense with the help of its excellent built-in marketing apps. The marketing apps allow you to manage meta titles, page title, meta description, unique URLs, make pages visible and invisible, redirect pages wherever it requires and last but not least it lets you optimize your website on your way. Shopify has also got all major Social Media platforms (such as facebook, twitter, and Pinterest) integrated where you can share or promote your products with ease and comfort.

  • Safe and Secure:

Safe and Secure

Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform so all your product and order data is pretty safe with Shopify is highly secured cloud hosting. Shopify ensures to all website owners by making the system secure and adheres to all rules & regulations. So, be assured that all security of your online store is being taken care of.

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Conclusion Note:

If you have got your homepage designed for your website and looking for an eCommerce store with minimum investment. We recommend going for the PSD to Shopify Conversion to welcome your online consumers.

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